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Not a Fan - Final

Not a Fan

Study Guide for Family Groups

Please answer these questions on a separate sheet of paper this week to bring with you to your Family Group.

We here at the church are currently exploring  a book called
"Not A Fan" by Kyle Idleman 

We encourage you to join us and explore the ideas about commitment and courage.

Click the link here to download the study guide.

Click the link here to know more about the book.

Getting Started

1. What has been your favorite part of reading Not a Fan?

2. To help us pick books for the future, what are some other subjects you'd like to study?  Do you have any suggestions for how we could improve our book studies?

3. This week we're going to look at a few scriptures that help  summarize the main point of Not a Fan.  The main point, of course, is that Jesus doesn't call people to simply be fans; he calls everyone to be followers.

    A.  Read Deuteronomy 30:15-20
        1. This is the final call to follow that God gives the Israelites before they cross over the Jordan River
             and take  possession of the Promised Land.
        2. As you read, write down any thoughts or insights you have
        3. God says He is setting out life and prosperity, death and destruction.    
        In the spaces provided, write down what you think that means, using details from the passage.

Life and Prosperity  |  Death and Destruction

    B. Read Psalm 68:1-20
        1. In this Psalm, David praises God for His long history of shepherding His people -- 
                 from "Sinai to the sanctuary" (v.17).
        2. As you read, write down some examples of the descriptive  language David uses to describe God.
        3. What do you find comforting, exciting, or even terrifying about God from this passage?

Going Deeper

1. These passages point to both God's love and His power -- His sometimes frightening power!  
    While He is full of both, which do you identify with more?
    A. Growing up, which did you feel more from your parents?
    B. In your life now, which is more natural for you to express? 
    If that's hard to answer, ask some of your family and friends which one you express more!
2. Being a follower of Jesus means being under perfect love and perfect power!  Is there anything you need to do embrace one or both of these?