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They devoted themselves to the apostles’ teaching and to the fellowship, to the breaking of bread and to prayer. (Acts 2:42)

Remember God

Remember God

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Please answer these questions on a separate sheet of paper this week to bring with you to your Family Group.

Getting Started

    1. What did you like about this lesson? What didn’t you like? Be nice! but please feel free to be honest too. 

     2. Just for fun: do you like to tuck your sheets in tightly and sleep like a sardine?  
         Or do you like your sheets loose and free?  

Getting Into the Bible

In this most recent sermon, we were reminded how deserving God is of our respect. This week we’ll study some more passages about respecting God.

     1. Please read Ecclesiastes 5:1-7

          A. Please share in your own words what this passage teaches about respecting God.

          B. This passage says a lot about keeping your word. How is keeping your word related to respect?

          C. Luke made the point on Sunday that “Harmony Grows where Respect is Sown.” 
           Can you think of some ways that keeping your word helps produce harmony among people? 

     2. Please read Jeremiah 5:20-25 

          A. In this passage, God is appealing to people who have lost respect for Him.  He tells them to consider the boundaries he set for the seas (v.22) and the times he appoints for the season (v.24).  How might this help the people regain their respect? 

          B. Luke made the point on Sunday that “Faith is Miracle Gro for Respect.” Are there any verses in this passage that deal with faith? 

Going Deeper

     1. How can you apply the things you’ve studied this week to help you better respect God?

    2. Are there any relationships in your life that could benefit from more harmony? How could respect help?