Bakersfield Church Of Christ


They devoted themselves to the apostles’ teaching and to the fellowship, to the breaking of bread and to prayer. (Acts 2:42)


Study Guide for "Dedicate" 

Getting to Know You

1. What did you find uplifting, informative, or challenging about Sunday's sermon?

2. Imagine you are Hannah, from 1 Samuel 1.  God has just answered your prayer for a child.  You're excited but then you remember that you promised Him the child if He'd answer you!  How would you feel?  Would you follow through?

Getting into the Bible

The lesson on Sunday was about dedicating our lives to God.  This week we'll study some Bible passages about dedication to learn even more.

1. The first point in the sermon was that every dedication makes a statement.  Please read Romans 12:1-8 and take note of the statements made when we dedicate our "bodies as a living sacrifice" to God.

    A. What insights did you gain from this passage?

    B. Note that Paul said we each have gifts.  Can you think of some ways these gifts can be dedicated to God?

2. The second point in the sermon was that every statement is a responsibility.  Please read Psalm 116:5-14 and pay attention to what it says about fulfilling our statements.

    A. What insights did you gain from this passage?

    B. The Psalmist says that they will fulfill their vows because of how good God is.  Do you think gratitude is a good motivator?  Why or why not?

        1. Think of a time you were feeling especially grateful.  Did it motivate you?  If you're comfortable, please share.

Going Deeper

1. How can you apply the things we've studied this week?

2. What are some "statements" in your life for which you're responsible?  Do you need to change anything in your life to be more responsible for your statements?

3.  Do you have any prayer requests?  Please share with the group and pray together.