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They devoted themselves to the apostles’ teaching and to the fellowship, to the breaking of bread and to prayer. (Acts 2:42)

The Purpose of Freedom


1. What did you find encouraging, challenging, or confusing about Sunday’s lesson?

2. In Sunday’s lesson, Luke taught us that we’re free in Christ to make all kinds of friends—to be “socially flexible.” Still, we’re going to gravitate to certain kinds of people naturally. Just for fun, list some characteristics in friends that you are naturally attracted to, and some characteristics that you are not.

Friends I’m Naturally Attracted To            Friends I’m Not Naturally Attracted To


1. God wants us to feel free in our relationships to love and to give of ourselves. He wants us to love with reckless abandon. Still, having the freedom to love this way doesn’t always translate into action! We are often too scared to reach out, or too content to serve sacrificially. Please read Ruth 1:1-18 and take note of Ruth’s complete abandon in loving her mother-in-law, Naomi.

What can you learn about loving with reckless abandon from Ruth?
What did she stand to lose by remaining with Naomi?  What did she stand to gain?

2. Although there is risk in loving with reckless abandon, God will see that we are made secure.  Ruth was made secure when she followed Naomi.  She found a man she liked, Boaz, and she made it known to him. She must have felt free to be that forward!  It worked out for her because Boaz liked her too and they married. He became the “guardian-redeemer” for Ruth and Naomi, which just means that he took responsibility for their well-being from then on.  Please read Ruth 4:13-17.  

What insights, if any, did you gain from this passage?
Note that God is our guardian-redeemer.  He takes responsibility for our well-being.  Can you think of some ways this is true in your life?  


1. How can you take the things you’ve learned this week and put them into practice?

2. Social flexibility and reckless abandon are products of the freedom we enjoy in God. If you’re not feeling flexible and abandoned in your love for people, what is lacking?  For instance, are you afraid, stressed, or self-obsessed? What is holding you back?